Equipment and Cloud Based Solutions

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Cloud Based Solutions

Take your dictation workflow to the cloud. Record and access your dictations from anywhere, at any time. Maximize your productivity and reduce document turnaround time.

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Digital Voice Dictation Recorders

Explore our large variety of digital voice recorders to find the right device for your needs.

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Digital Transcription Equipment

We feature the latest equipment and software for digital dictation and transcription applications.

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Product Bundles

When you pair the Digital Voice DictationRecorders of your choice with a Complete Transcription System, you have everything you need for a fully functioning digital dictation system. We offer bundles and starter kits.

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Enterprise Solutions

An on-premise dictation and transcription solution, perfect for medium to large businesses supporting a wide range onsite solutions and IT maintenance and controls.

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Pathology Systems

Our handsfree digital recording systems faithfully records voice, plays back for review, and sends it to the transcriptionist without fail.

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Conference Recorders

Digital Conference Recorders and Microphones provide hours of high quality audio. Great for conferences, meetings, and even depositions when combined with out Professional Transcription Systems.

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From headsets and microphones to foot pedals, we've got you covered for any accessories you may need.

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