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We at Dictation Depot are committed to serving the needs of every client searching for the highest quality dictation and transcription equipment and accesories. We strive to deliver the best products and services at the best price. We value your time and know that technology changed the way people shop so check out all our options to help you find the best solution for your needs, including sales, service, training, installation, and more.

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The Benefits of Digital Recording

Digital technology has many advantages. It gives you instant access to any point in the recording, so you can delete, insert, amend or overwrite easily. In addition, one of the most reassuring features of digital dictation is the fact that it is future-proof technology and designed to be used with the very latest workflow and speech recognition systems.

Digital dictation enables easy download of data to a computer or cloud-based dictation application. Once downloaded, digital speech files can be used for any workflow or transferred via network, just like any other file, for transcription. It’s time to work smarter with digital dictation.

Fast: You can talk seven times faster than you can write so you can record digitally far more quickly than on paper – then instantly download it to your administrator for transcription. Speed has become critical to the success of modern businesses and digital dictation allows professionals to create documents quickly without having to increase the number of administrative assistants.
Simple: Ease of use and simplicity are a top priority. All of our digital dictation systems offer single handed operation, plus the option of voice activation. For transcription, a foot control provides the user with hands-free operation.
Efficient: Digital dictation allows instant access to any point on the recording so you can delete speech and insert amendments with real accuracy. Sound quality is excellent and the recording can be slowed down or sped up without distortion.
Reliable: Dictation equipment is manufactured with high quality standards and service support is available nationwide. Digital recording has become the standard in the industry. Say goodbye to longer use cassette tapes that can become unstable and unreliable.

We provide an entire range of dictation and transcription products that answers the need for mobility, flexibility, and efficiency in any field of business. Our professional range of dictation recorders allows you to dictate anywhere giving you the power to react quickly and deliver unparalleled customer service.

Industries We Serve

We are here to provide state of the art digital dictation, transcription, speech recognition, and cloud based services to all industries


As a legal professional, you require the ability to have access to your technology anywhere. Providing you flexibility through digital recording and cloud based options gives you the best opportunity to provide world class service to your clients.


In the healthcare field, accurate and secure information is not only necessary, but required. Having time saving tools make your practice efficient and allows for more time providing outstanding medical care.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement has several needs of digital data capture from completing incident reports to recording interviews of potential suspects.  We offer many different solutions to make your job easier and make your staff more efficient so you can spend more time fighting crime and less completing reports.


Whether you need to record an interview or notes for a big story, or you want to stay organized in you day to day work,  digital dictation will save you time on the administrative task, leaving you with more time for the next big scoop.  

Real Estate

In Real Estate, time is of the essence to close that next deal.  By using digital tools like a digital or cloud based recorder with WiFI capabilities, you can get your information right to the office while you're on the go. Digital dictation allows you to get new listing information in MLS faster than anyone else.


Smartphones and recorders make communication and collaboration on projects easier. Instead of driving to the office for meetings and writing reports, companies can use mobile technology to dictate reports in the field and upload updates without interrupting the work day. Being able to get needed information in real time ensures that any issues on the job site get resolved quickly. 


Whether you need to provide information to improve your sales or service to your customers, or need to dictate claim reports in an efficient way, our digital dictation and transcription options will help you capture your data in a secure way.

Other Services

Regardless of your industry, we offer state of the art digital dictation, transcription, and cloud based services to meet every need so you can better serve your customers and clients.


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